Lawsuit Loan Interest Rates

Low rates on lawsuit loans?

The most common question we get from people looking for lawsuit loans is what exactly are the Interest rates on lawsuit Loans.  Understandably, plaintiffs looking for lawsuit loans want their money fast but in the most cost effective way.  The interest rates associated with lawsuit loan vary.  The determining factors are type of case involved and state of the case, i.e. has there been a settlement offer.  Settled cases often qualify for lower rates.

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Smart Lawsuit Funding understands the demands and needs of plaintiffs suffering from financial difficulty while waiting for a settlement.  We are here to provide you with not only the best service but the most AFFORDABLE services as well.  Why not right? .  Lawsuit advances with Smart only get paid paid back when you and your attorney both get paid.   We understand the financial model inside and out.  Our knowledge allows us to offer low interest rates on lawsuit loans specific to your needs and specific to your settlement.  Call us now at 888-327-7102 or apply directly on-line using our application form.  We are open 24/7 and are here to listen and help you all along the process.

At a very high level, lawsuit loans are a financial vehicle for plaintiffs undergoing a lawsuit or a settlement.  Lawsuit loans provides monetary assistance to help pay for transportation, medical expenses and other daily expenses as well.

Make sure you apply for the best company for the lowest rates.

If you are suffering from the rising costs of living and medical treatment, you can call Smart Lawsuit Funding to start your application.

Interest rates on lawsuit loans with companies other than Smart Lawsuit Funding are often very high.   Smart offers industry’s low rates.  We offer rates as low as 2 to 3%.  In other words, if you are approved fro $1000 the payback rate at the end of the case is similar to a credit card. There are no steps that can be taken to lower these rates because these are the lowest rates in the industry.

Another common questions we get is whether about other fees when applying for lawsuit loans. For example some companies charge to review your case.  At Smart there is never a fee to have us look at your case.  Unless you take an advance and win your case you will never pay a penny.  The best part of this is that you will receive a your advance front, but you do not have to pay back until your case settles.  If your case does not win, you do not pay back a penny!

The advantages of getting a lawsuit cash advance with Smart is that you will be working with the lowest interest rates on lawsuit loans in the industry.

What should you look for when choosing a company with lowest interest rates on lawsuit loans?  You do not have to ask at all, just call Smart Lawsuit Funding or complete an on-line form right here on our site and we will call you right away.  We guarantee the best customer service, reliable information, and the most efficient fast services to get you the cash you need right away.

So if you need cash call us now. 888-327-7102.  We provide industry low interest rates on lawsuit loans for all types of personal injury cases and also civil rights and class action cases as well.

We service clients all over the country and are open 24/7 for support.  We have industry’s lowest interest rates on lawsuit loans.  We also have the best processes in place so that once you apply, we do all the work for you, including all the paperwork requirements and coordinate all communications between your attorney and the underwriter.