Alabama Worker Compensation Loans

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Alabama Lawsuit Loans and Worker Compensation Advance

Alabama residents are eligible for a settlement advance with Smart Legal Funding. Birmingham is the State”s Largest City. Alabama boast a population of almost 5 million people.  Most Lawsuit Loans in Alabama are having to do with motor vehicle accidents .  Smart is proud to extend settlement advances on many, many other types of cases in Alabama. The cases include – Alabama medical malpractice, acts cases, settled cases, negligence cases, wrongful death, Jones act and more.

Alabama Worker Compensataion Loans – Apply Now (855) 581-9255

Make sure to take the advise of an Alabama personal injury attorney to have your rights protected.  Read below to obtain  Alabama Lawsuit Loans or Alabama Worker Compensation Cash Advance.

When you begin to look for a settlement advance in Alabama – consider the documentation regarding your case:

Proof of liability – Its best to have some type of document that articulates what happened at the incident.  A police report or eye witness report is helpful.  If this document “proves” that another party is liable for your damages – you have the first box checked in your favor. All companies that extend settlement advances in Alabama are sure to be interested in cases with “clear liability”.
Insurance – Can the defendant pay damages.  Often its only an insurance company that a lawsuit funder in Alabama “trusts” to pay the claim.  If your claim is a motor vehicle accident the minimum requirements in the state of Alabama are as follows at the time of this writing.

$25,000 for damages or death per person.
$50,000 total for each accident
$25,000 for claiming on property damage.

How much can I borrow?

3. Damages: Lawsuit Loan companies look at the damages you have incurred. This helps  determine  what you make be awarded.  Lawsuit funding companies in Alabama tend to advance a percentage of your likely award – this will affect your approval amount.  Have your medical documentation available.  We can obtain it from the law office you have engaged.   The ER Report, Epidural Reports , Surgical Reports  are all extremely helpful in having a lawsuit loan company approve your request for funding.

For more information on Alabama Workers Compensation visit the Alabama Dept of Labor.

Smart serves all cities in Alabama to provide Alabama Lawsuit Loans and Alabama Worker Compensation Advances including:

Huntsville, Auburn, Birmingham, Gulf Shores, Mobile, Montgomery – and all others.