Get Access to Your Settlement With a Lawsuit Loan in New York

New York lawsuit loans are much sought after.  In New York there is a high concentration of resources and investors that provide funding for settlement loans and cash advances.  Plaintiffs looking for lawsuit loans in New York must have a general overview of what lawsuit loans are so that they can have a better understating of how they can use settlement loans in New York.

Smart Lawsuit Funding provides New York lawsuit loans.  These services help plaintiffs navigate the difficult times during the settlement process.  The legal process in obtaining your settlement is lengthy. Plaintiffs who have pending cases suffer from financial burdens.  Smart Lawsuit Funding mitigates these obstacles by providing a financial cushion to pay for legal fees, medical expenses, and other personal expenses during the time between the incident that caused damages and the final cash award.

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New York Lawsuit Loans

Case Types we fund for Settlement Loans in New York

  • Car Accident Lawsuit loans in New York
  • Personal Injury New York Lawsuit Loans
  • Slip and Fall/Premise Liability New York Lawsuit Loans
  • Medical Malpractice Settlement Loans in New York
  • Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Loans
  • Construction Accident Lawsuits in New York
  • Wrongful Arrest, Police Brutality, and Police Misconduct
  • Civil Rights Cases

These are just a few of the most popular types of New York Lawsuit Loans that Smart provides on a daily basis.  These lawsuit advances go to plaintiffs in need of financial assistance.   Smart has many ties to leading attorneys and underwriters in New York. When you choose Smart Lawsuit Funding, you will be in the hands of experts who have years of experience managing and handing these types of cases.  Smart Lawsuit Funding helps plaintiffs all over New York including: Albany, Rochester, New York City, Saratoga Springs, Buffalo, Syracuse, White Plains and all other areas of New York State.

Lawsuit Loans for car accidents in New York

Car accidents are the most usual type of lawsuit loan that clients inquire about in New York.  New York has a very particular type of laws that regulate car accident lawsuits.

At this time, the following minimum liability policy limits in New York are:

  • $25,000 for injuries to any one individual
  • $50,000 for injuries to multiple people
  • $50,000 for death to one person
  • $100,000 for death to multiple people
  • $10,000 for property damage

When a vehicle is registered, liability coverage is required to be effective while the registration is valid, regardless of whether the vehicle is driven.

The State of New York is a state that adheres to a “comparative negligence” system when assigning liability.  In comparative negligence states, the court assigns a percentage of fault to each responsible party.   After determining who is partly or wholly responsible, the courts provides monetary compensation accordingly.  Under the comparative negligence legal framework, an injury victim may be awarded damages even if the same person retained 99% of the fault in causing the injury.  The final damages in this case are reduced by his or her portion of the fault.

New York also is engaged as a no fault state:  Due to a vast number of cases and  the inherent delay in determining liability,  New York instituted a no-fault system.  This  no fault limits cash awards for plaintiffs regarding pain and suffering unless they have reach a threshold of serious injury.  Under this system, regardless of who is at fault, medical expenses are generally picked up by insurance. While intended to simplify the system – No Fault has been blamed for causing other types of inefficiency.  Make sure you contact a qualified personal injury attorney that can clearly explain all of the nuances of the law that pertain to your case.

Getting a New York Settlement Loan with Smart:

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If you are looking for the fastest services in obtaining New York Lawsuit Loans and Settlement Advances, call us now and get free consultation.  Settlement Loans in New York are one of the most frequently sought out services in the country.  If you are living in New York and have a pending settlement, call us today to obtain funding for your lawsuit.  Cost of living in this state is expensive. If you have injury, we will help you pay for your daily living expenses and personal bills.  We are here to support you and provide assistance to help you throughout the settlement process.

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