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Are you dealing with a delayed or long lasting lead paint lawsuit? Lead paint accident settlements can be a slow process preventing you from taking care of your health.  The lists of issues that people who are waiting on a lead paint accident settlement are never-ending. We want to help you cut that list down fast. Let us work with you to get a no-risk loan on your claim.

  • We work fast to get cash to you
  • You only pay back the loan if you win your case
  • Our lawsuit loans are based on your case not your income or credit score

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Lead Paint Settlement Loans

Why are Lead Paint Injury Loans Necessary

A major lead poison injury can bring about financial burden due to expenses that build up over time while there is a pending settlement. These costs are followed by medical treatment bills.  The cost of medical care can quickly become financially overwhelming.

How can a Lead Paint Accident Loans help

Some of the medical costs will be offset by a generous settlement from your insurance company. However, since it’s not legally required for your insurance provider to cover every penny of your repair costs and medical bills, you’ll need to make sure you have all the right resources to secure a fair settlement.  You must find a lawyer for this purpose. Personal-injury lawyers specialize in using their power of legal action to force insurance companies and other parties to make fair payouts.  In addition a personal injury attorney on contingency can also help you get motor vehicle accident loans.

What are the circumstances of why you may need to get lead poison injury loans

A personal injury attorney is usually hired on contingency. If you’re able to receive a settlement from your insurance company, your attorney will take a big chunk of it. Depending upon the lawyer, this can amount to as much as a third of your total settlement.   However it is advisable to hire a personal injury attorney as there is no guarantee that your insurance company will provide you with a fair settlement in the absence of a lawyer.  Another factor in hiring an attorney is whether he will help you by signing the lien necessary for a lead poison lawsuit loan.

A Smart lead poison accident settlement advance helps you get back on your feet before your cases settle.  Our lead poison accident loans allow you to immediately access some of the value of your case to help with living expenses. Funds freed up by lead poison accident loans can be used to pay your rent, car lease and bills while you wait for your case to settle.

Lead paint can lead to unprecedented demands including the burdens of financial, physical, and mental despair for the plaintiffs and their families. Since the time frame of pending lead poison accident settlements are unknown, and waiting years for your lawsuit to settle is not an option for most individuals, obtaining lead poison accident loans from us is your best solution. When traditional bank loans and other personal loans are not available, our lead poison accident settlement advance is here to help you and your families in a timely fashion.

What is the repayment process like for these cases

If your case gets approved for car accident loans, you will receive a lump sum amount from us.  There are no monthly payments.  Most importantly, if you case is not successful and no settlement compensation is obtained, you do not owe us a penny.  You can contact our staff members any time to learn more about the financial model and the payment and repayment requirements and processes.

How to Apply and Information you should have ready before applying

  • Your first and last name; your phone number
  • Your attorney’s first and last name; their phone number

Once we have your application, we will work non-stop to obtain all documents related to your motor vehicle accident from your attorney’s law office.  Once we package all the paperwork together, you case will be reviewed by the most highly qualified underwriting attorneys on our team.  If you are approved, you and your attorney will receive a contract.  Once the contract is completed and signed off, you get your funds right away!

What makes Smart Lawsuit Funding special

  • We have low rates
  • We provide seamless communication and unmatched customer service throughout the process
  • No upfront costs and risk-free
  • Best and most friendly staff, available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Claim your funds sometimes within 12 hours
  • Our services are available all across the United States.

We are ready for you right now.  We have the most dedicated staff to serve you and provide you with the fastest motor vehicle accident loans. We understand your needs and that these are rough times for you and your loved ones.  Our process is designed to relieve you from all the stress from the requirements of your auto accident settlement advance. We do all the front end and back end work for you, including all the tedious paperwork, so that you can get you car accident loans immediately.

Call us today!  For more information on motor vehicle accident loans.  Smart is here to work with you anytime and regardless of where you are located.  Apply now (855) 581-9255 and make the Smart move!  For more info on Lead Paint,  please visit: Lead Paint Accident

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