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Whether you have a truck accident, negligence claim or even a police brutality lawsuit –

You can get a Chicago Lawsuit Loan or Chicago Lawsuit Funding.

Other cases that qualify for settlement loans at Smart Legal are Medical Malpractice, Sexual Harassment, Negligence and Workers Compensation.

When you look for a lawsuit loan – in a certain way you are actually fast tracking your case.

A lawsuit funder will look at the the existing documents relating to your case and make a determination on the likely settlement  that you will eventually receive.  Sometimes if you have an existing loan with another Chicago lawsuit loan company – the new funder will ask for additional documentation.  This may be medical treatment reports that have been generated since the first loan or perhaps your lawyer may have recently filed you lawsuit.

According to a local paper, in the year 2013 the city of Chicago and by extension it’s taxpayers paid out more that 80 million dollars in settlements, judgments, fees and other expenses for lawsuits.  That’s a lot of lawcash.  If you have claim and you qualify – you can get a piece of that action.

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Chicago by far the largest city in the Midwest has the most lawsuits than any city in the State of Illinois.

In Chicago Smart Legal Funding arranges lawsuit loans for plaintiffs with a variety of cases: Sexual Harassment , Actos lawsuit loans,  Police Brutality, Car Accidents, Jones Act, medical malpractice cases, and workers compensation cases, negligence cases, vaginal mesh cases, truck accidents, settled cases and more.  In short we know Chicago Lawsuit Loans and Lawsuit Funding.

Car accidents are the most frequent type of personal injury case in Chicago Illinois that qualify for Loan on a Lawsuit.  But remember Smart advances cash on all type of personal injury cases in the great city of Chicago

Chicago operates under  a modified comparative fault just like any other city in Illinois for all automobile lawsuit.  This will come into play for a Chicago Lawsuit Loan as well.

Chicago Minimum Liability Coverage and Car Insurance in Chicago.

Liability insurance is required to register and operate a motor vehicle in Chicago.
In you have an accident claim it is very helpful to have knowledge of the policy limits of the defendant form whom you seek damages.  Check with your attorney to see if the policy limits are “known”.  Generally a commercial vehicles carry higher policy limits that individuals – however – some individuals carry very high limits.

Only a personal injury lawyer can give you the proper advise and protect your interests. as laws in each state are regularly modified.

Chicago is a tort city because Illinois is a tort state with regard for auto accidents. It is important to contact an attorney who knows accident law and can help you understand your rights.