Smart Lawsuit Funding Review

Spotlight on Client Testimonials

Smart Lawsuit Funding has serviced plaintiffs all over the US.  In this article, we have highlighted some of our client stories and their testimonials.  We discuss in detail the struggles they were having which made them need a lawsuit loan. They turned to us at Smart Lawsuit Funding and we were able to meet their needs quickly and efficiently. With the funding from Smart, they were able to use the money to support their family.

Motor Vehicle Accident in the State of Florida

Janice T.  – Janice has called Smart Lawsuit Funding for financial help with her car accident lawsuit in Florida.  This was one of the most devastating accidents and person injuries that we have encountered.  She underwent eight surgeries, requiring reconstructive surgery of her face and legs.

With the financial burden to cover the lengthy period of her settlement and trying to keep us with her medical bills, Janice realized the value of lawsuit loans through Smart Lawsuit Funding.  With the settlement loans obtained via Smart, she was able to help her and her family to get through the financial hard times.

Janice T.: “Working with Smart not only gave me the financial security during my settlement process, but the staff was genuine and extremely supportive and easy to work with.”

Case 2

Medical Mal Practice in the State of Texas

Rolando L. Rolando applied with Smart Lawsuit Funding to obtain financial assistance for his medical malpractice suit in Texas.  He had staples that were not removed and were therefore infecting his digestive track.  Due to the nature of his lawsuit, and the different parties involved, the length of his settlement was uncertain.  With the financial uncertainty and the increasing cost of living expenses and the on-going medical treatment, he turned to us for financial help during his settlement process.

In one day, his case was fully reviewed, approved, and in Rolando’s case was funded soon after.  With immediate help from Smart Lawsuit Funding, Rolando and his family are now living a more comfortable life, with food on the table every day and he is also able to receive on-going treatment at his medical facility.  He also was able to use the funding from us to pay for his personal bills and all his legal fees.

Rolando L.:  “Smart saved me from a difficult situation.  My family is safely in hosing until my case settles.

Case 3:  Workers Compensation in State of IL

Tanya S. – Workers Compensation claims are very common in the state of Illinois.  Tanya was injured at her job.  She had major implant surgery to her left leg.  At the time she had two children both below the age of five, and being a single mom, this accident was devastating to her and her family, both emotionally and financially.

She called Smart Lawsuit Funding at first just to learn more about our services and the options that are available for her.  She did not now how the process worked and she did not know how this would be of any help for her and her family.  After speaking with a member on our team, she felt confident that a lawsuit loan was the way to go.

Our team helped her through every step of the process.  We took in her application and managed all the remaining work for her, including obtaining all the necessary paperwork and managing all communications with her, her attorney and our underwriter.

After a day, Tanya was able to use the funds from us to pay all her legal fees, her operation, and buy food for her children and have heat during the cold winters of Chicago.

Tanya S.: “Smart helped me survive through the settlement.  But most importantly, they have the right team who truly understands the needs of plaintiffs suffering from a lawsuit.  They provide highly efficient services and all I had to do is give my name and my attorney’s name and they did all the work for me!”

Final Thoughts from Family

“I highly recommend Smart Lawsuit Funding and their services to friends and family. I could not have survived the settlement without their financial help and support.”

“They are a kind group of people who gets work done and we got funded right away.”

“Unlike other funding companies, Smart Lawsuit Funding worked with me to give me funded with the lowest available interest rate.  Fast and efficient services.  I have already referred them to others.  It was helpful in a difficult time.

We accept applications 24/7.  So don’t wait.  Act now by calling us at (855) 581-9255 or simply apply online.   An experienced person on our team will call you immediately.  Our professional team will assign you with the an expert underwriter to manage every step of the process.  Contact us today!