Get a Lawsuit Settlement Loan in 3 Easy Steps

Are you looking into the process of getting a lawsuit loan? We hear this every day.  “How do I get a Lawsuit Settlement Loan”.

Here is how to apply for a lawsuit loan.  It only takes three simple steps!

  1. Apply for a lawsuit loan with us via the on-line application form submission; OR, call us at (855) 581-9255 .
  2. We review your case documents that we obtain from your law office.
  3. Our underwriters determine the amount of your lawsuit cash advance. You receive funds once we receive your fully signed agreement.

The advantages of getting a Lawsuit Loan.

  • The approval process has no upfront fees. We review your case with no out of pocket costs.
  • The process is easy. Once you apply we do all the work in contacting your law office
  • Lawsuit Loans are fast. Once approved, you and your attorney will sign the contract and funds will be sent to you.
  • You do not owe us any fees until your case settles and only if you win; if not, you owe us nothing.
  • There are no credit checks required. Bad credit is ok.

Getting a Lawsuit Settlement Loan with Smart Lawsuit Funding

Getting a Lawsuit Settlement Loan is EASY

All you need to apply is:

  • You Full Name and phone number
  • Your Attorney’s name and phone number
  • State your case is in
  • Type of Lawsuit you have
  • Amount of cash you request.

The five key requests for information is critical in getting a lawsuit settlement loan.  We need these details so that we can efficiently and effectively request for the proper documents from you law office and create a strategy to fund our case.

The Next Steps are on us.  We do all the work for you by managing every step of the process.  We quickly obtain the paperwork from you law office and then submit your case to the right underwriting attorney. This underwriter is an expert specific to your case.  Upon review, they determine if you have been approved and for how much.  Then we send you and your attorney an agreement to sign.  Once the agreement has been executed, you can claim your funds through the payment option of your choice.

You should choose Smart’s services because:

  • We are the leader in our industry
  • We provide the fast, professional customer service and genuinely care for your needs
  • You can call us 24/7
  • We manage all paperwork and all attorney communications throughout the process

As you can see, obtaining a lawsuit settlement loan is simple.  Through Smart Lawsuit Funding, you only need to take three easy steps to gaining more financial security during the settlement process.  You can use the cash advance to pay for your cost of living expenses and other medical and daily expenses.  Most importantly you can get the cash you need to see you through until you obtain your lawsuit settlement.  Get a lawsuit settlement loan today.  Call 1-(855) 581-9255 or fill out the easy application.