Is Your Case Eligible for a Lawsuit Loan?

Find Out If Your Lawsuit is Eligible for a Settlement Loan or Lawsuit Advance.

Lawsuit loans and lawsuit settlement loans are financial vehicles provided by lawsuit funding companies like Smart Lawsuit Funding.  These cash advances help plaintiffs during the settlement process pay for expenses such as cost of living, transportation, and medical fees.  Our phone rings every day with clients asking “Can I get a lawsuit loan or settlement advance” With Smart the chances are – YES; you can get money today.

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TYPES OF CASES for Lawsuit Loans

Cases Eligible For Lawsuit Loans

For personal injury, lawsuit advance amounts are based on the defendant’s insurance policy limits and the extent of medical treatment and injury sustained by the plaintiff.   All other factors being equal,  cases involving surgeries will have a better chance of approval with greater funding amounts than those cases involving only soft tissue injury.  Proof of liability on the part of the defendant is also a very important element to establish.  Usually, a police report or incident report is very useful in obtaining clear liability in any personal injury case.

To improve chances to qualify, make sure you apply after there is an accident report or an incident report.  Knowing the insurance policy limits also helps chances of getting approved.

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