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Types of Eligible Civil Rights Case for Lawsuit Funding

  1. False Arrest or False Imprisonment: If you were involved in a criminal case and was either falsely arrested or falsely imprisoned after a conviction of a crime, you are eligible to apply with us for civil rights settlement loans. If you have been a victim of any of the following incidents, call us today to request civil rights lawsuit funding.  Such violations include:
  • Unwanted searches and seizures, false arrest, wrongful imprisonment, improper restriction of right to free speech or your second amendment rights and others. In civil rights cases, usually the plaintiff must prove the violation of rights.

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  1. Discrimination in Employment concerning  Race, Marital Status, Ethnic Background, National Origin, Religion, Disability, Age, Sex Orientation and Sexual Harassment.
  2. Discrimination in Housing involving public accommodation for disabled individuals and discrimination in educational institutions.

In general, discrimination cases all have the same basic procedures and burdens of proof regardless of what type of discrimination it is based on, with some differences depending on whether the discrimination is with regard to Housing, Public accommodations, education or employment.

If you are a plaintiff involved in employment discrimination, whether filing with a state agency such as the NY State Division of Human Rights or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or in a Federal or State Court must establish the following:

  • Adverse employment action was taken against you as the employee by the employer. Adverse employment action includes:
  • transfer to another part of the company
  • cut in pay  and/or benefits
  • demotion in title or status or responsibility
  • suspension and termination of employment.
  • Adverse action was taken because of unlawful discrimination and the discrimination was based on one of the statutory categories, for example: age, race and so forth
  • You must show that the discrimination, if not the sole cause of the adverse action, was at least a motivating factor for it.
  • You must prove that what was damaged was a result of the discrimination.

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Civil rights cases have become a frequent type of case that our company funds. Smart Lawsuit Funding provides services where you can apply for civil rights  lawsuit funding.  Due to the nature of civil rights cases, the time it takes to settle is uncertain.  This is one of the challenges with these types of cases.  And therefore, civil rights lawsuit loans through Smart help you acquire the financial resources to get you through these difficult times.

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