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The public image of the police and police brutality is measured a number of different ways.

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Police law enforcement in the United States is widely the responsibility of local police and sheriff’s departments.   Within each state of the union, state police provide additional services.  In addition, at a national level federal organizations including Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the U.S. Marshals Service have a unique place in police work.

Surveys at the end of the last century indicate that most of the population within the United States have a favorable view on how police treat the public. The general population ranked police the highest in being helpful and friendly and lowest in treating people fairly. The public image of the police force in honesty and ethical standards has improved a great deal from 1997 to 2000.

Despite this general favorable approval rating of police, there is a sizable portion of America’s population that view police negatively.  Many Americans opine that police verbally and physically abuse citizens.  However many of these same people that site this opinion have never had a personal experience with these types of inappropriate actions. As most Americans rarely have contact with police officers, it could be surmised that their opinions are largely founded from information provided by others or from the media.

It’s become apparent that race and ethnicity play a role in how police are viewed.  Whites people tend to have a more favorable view of police than Blacks and Hispanics.  Whites are more inclined to deny the existence of police misconduct.  This mentality is reflected by the having a majority who say police are only occasionally involved in excessive force, abusive tactics, and false arrest of citizens.

Surveys have shown that the minority populations including Blacks and Hispanics believe that police brutality and police misconduct occur often. These groups believe that police abuse and brutality is very common in their city and in their residential neighborhood. Its not uncommon for those who hold this opinion to see the entire police department as corrupt.  This lack of trust of law enforcement impacts the overall legitimacy of the police force and the communities interaction with its officers.

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If you have been a victim of police brutality, the duration of these lawsuits tend to run for a long time. Therefore, once you have obtained an attorney to represent you, plaintiffs often immediately look for police brutality settlement loans.  If you have an attorney and the report of police brutality and police misconduct has been filed in court, you may qualify for a police misconduct settlement loan.  If death was the result due to police brutality and your family members and/or your spouses were victims of the police misconduct, you in a strong position to be qualified for police brutality lawsuit loan.  The challenges of these cases are the uncertainty of the length of the settlement process and if and when there will be an offer from the defendant.

The public’s view of police changes with external events.  Terrorist attacks generally increase confidence with the US police. Conversely, incidents of racial trauma adversely affect confidence in local police. In the last ten years, civil protests against police brutality show the backlash against the perceived rise in police brutality and police misconduct.  These incidents have resulted in Civil Rights Lawsuits and the need for Civil Rights Lawsuit Loans.

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