Settlement Loans on Actos

Actos is an diabetes medication taken orally that helps control blood sugar levels.  It has been claimed that the drug causes bladder cancer.  Many alleged victims seek lawsuit loans on Actos while their case is in pre- settlement or post settlement.

We have seen a huge upturn in the number of plaintiffs seeking a lawsuit loan on their Actos Claim.  Very recently their chances of obtaining a settlement and also a lawsuit loan seem to have improved.

Generally, in order to approved for an Actos Settlement loan – a lawsuit funding will need the following.

Copy of the filed lawsuit
Proof of the use of the drug
Proof of injury caused by the drug. (medical reports)
Co-operation from the law firm representing you.
5. The name of the lawyer representing you and also the name of the paralegal that handles your case.

Recently it has been published in the website Drugwatch that
The Japanese Drug Company Takeda Pharmaceutical Company has or is close to reaching a settlement on Actos.  It appears that the agreement is intended to resolve nearly 9,000 bladder cancer claims.  Ask your personal injury attorney to discuss the implications of this reported settlement as the news is breaking an the details have not been verified.

The good new on the settlement loan front for Actos is that one of the attorneys we work with recently approved a 10k advance in less than an hour.  That means if you need an Actos lawsuit loan or Actos settlement funding – you can get money for your Actos lawsuit fast.

Plaintiffs and their lawyers have maintained that caused them to develop bladder cancer.  The lawsuits also said that the company knew about these risk yet kept this information from public disclosure.

As could be expected, lawyers representing alleged Actos victims were please by the defendant
decision settle claims.

Lawyers as underwriters with lawsuit loan and settlement funding companies are also pleased to see that there is another potentially large pool of settlement money being made available for plaintiffs seeking funding.