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Can You Get Lawsuit Funding Without an Attorney?

In order to be eligible for Lawsuit funding, you must have an attorney representing your case.  A case where a plaintiff represents themselves in considered per se representation. We do not fund “per se” cases.  In addition you will usually need a retainer agreement with the attorney that is on a contingency basis.  Clients often ask the reason for this requirement. In a nutshell the reasons are as follows. Continue reading Can You Get Lawsuit Funding Without an Attorney?

What’s a Personal Injury Lawsuit Worth in 2017

There are three questions every plaintiff wants answered regarding their personal injury lawsuit.

  1. 1.How much money will I receive when this this personal injury case settles
  2. When am I going to get the money?
  3. How am I going to stay solvent until my case settles?

The number of personal injury lawsuits varies each year, and therefore, some of the biggest payouts and most interesting cases vary accordingly.  It is difficult to pinpoint or breakdown the average payout for personal injury lawsuits.  Because the time it takes to try one of these cases vary as well, the struggles that plaintiffs may face are uncertain and costly. Continue reading What’s a Personal Injury Lawsuit Worth in 2017

What is the difference between pre-settlement funding and lawsuit funding?

Many clients of Smart Lawsuit Funding ask the questions: what is pre-settlement funding and what is lawsuit funding? Are there differences between the two and is one better than the other?

Lawsuit Funding is a more general and broader term to define the financial vehicle to assist plaintiffs with their lawsuits that are pending or settled.  Pre-settlement funding serves the almost the same purpose, but it pertains to cases that have not yet been settled.  So basically, pre-settlement funding or loans are extended on cases that are in the earlier states of a lawsuit.  Pre Settlement is exactly that – cash advances on cases not yet settled. Continue reading What is the difference between pre-settlement funding and lawsuit funding?

When Should You Start Looking for a Personal Injury Lawsuit Loan

A great majority of plaintiffs seeking personal injury lawsuit loans wonder if they are at the right point in their case to seek a personal injury lawsuit advance.  Others wonder if there is an advantage to getting one earlier in your case, or is waiting until the case is closer to settlement better? Continue reading When Should You Start Looking for a Personal Injury Lawsuit Loan

A History of Workman Compensation Lawsuits and Worker Compensation Claims

A workman compensation lawsuit is a claim against an employer for injury that took place at work. Before workers compensation, an injured worker had to prove fault of the employer in a court of law in order to receive damages. If you have a workers compensation lawsuit or claim, be sure to have the advise of a workers compensation attorney in order to know your rights and obligations.  Many workers compensation cases have gone unnoticed in the past, but they need to be paid closer attention because they can cause serious financial damages to plaintiffs who are injured.

Continue reading A History of Workman Compensation Lawsuits and Worker Compensation Claims

What are pre-settlement loans?

Many plaintiffs undergoing a lawsuit are not familiar with what pre-settlement loans are and how they can impact them.  Simply put, pre-settlement loans are a funding source for plaintiffs who need the financial assistance prior to settlement.  These “loans” are actually cash advances on the expected proceeds of a lawsuit.  The following circumstances lend themselves to someone needing a pre-settlement loan:

  • Uncertainty of time frame until settlement
  • Financial burden of medical and cost of living expenses.
  • Future Medical bills and office visits to the hospital not covered by insurance.
  • Personal daily expenses due to paying for bills related to settlement

Continue reading What are pre-settlement loans?

Do Credit Scores affect Lawsuit Loans

Do credit Scores affect Lawsuit Loans ?   At Smart Lawsuit Funding we are often asked if the credit score or credit scores of the accident victim affects their application for lawsuit loans.  The financial mechanism of a lawsuit loan somewhat unique, and so, we have answers to specific questions people may have about lawsuit loans and how they can impact them.  Of particular interest in this article are the clients credit score.  Here, we provide you with an overview of what a lawsuit loan is and how a plaintiff can get one.  We also address why it is important to apply with Smart Lawsuit Funding directly.  It is free! So call us now at 888-327-7102 or simply submit an on-line application with us today right here on our website!

Continue reading Do Credit Scores affect Lawsuit Loans

The Role of your Lawyer In Getting a Lawsuit Loan ?

Can your attorney help with a Lawsuit Cash Advance?

Getting a Lawsuit loan is not an every day practice. As such we have answers to specific questions people may have about lawsuit loans and how a lawsuit cash advance can impact them.
People that have pending lawsuits are often tight on money. Sometimes this will lead a plaintiff to ask their lawyer about getting a lawsuit loan. Below are the most common types of cases that Smart Lawsuit Funding provides lawsuit loans on an on-going basis. Continue reading The Role of your Lawyer In Getting a Lawsuit Loan ?

Lawsuit Loan Interest Rates

Low rates on lawsuit loans?

The most common question we get from people looking for lawsuit loans is what exactly are the Interest rates on lawsuit Loans.  Understandably, plaintiffs looking for lawsuit loans want their money fast but in the most cost effective way.  The interest rates associated with lawsuit loan vary.  The determining factors are type of case involved and state of the case, i.e. has there been a settlement offer.  Settled cases often qualify for lower rates.

Call Now 888-327-7102 a Lawsuit Loan or fill out the Easy Application.

Smart Lawsuit Funding understands the demands and needs of plaintiffs suffering from financial difficulty while waiting for a settlement.  We are here to provide you with not only the best service but the most AFFORDABLE services as well.  Why not right? .  Lawsuit advances with Smart only get paid paid back when you and your attorney both get paid.   We understand the financial model inside and out.  Our knowledge allows us to offer low interest rates on lawsuit loans specific to your needs and specific to your settlement.  Call us now at 888-327-7102 or apply directly on-line using our application form.  We are open 24/7 and are here to listen and help you all along the process.

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What Are Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit loans are the financial bridge that allows plaintiffs and law firms to receive a cash advance on the expected proceeds of their case.  The settlement loans are provided through a lawsuit funding company.  In strict terms, lawsuit settlement loans are non-recourse legal funding and not a loan at all.  The only collateral on the cash advance is the lawsuit itself.  Lawsuit funding companies provide settlement loans to litigants in exchange for a share of the proceeds of the settlement or judgment.  Many times the term “loans” is used when referring to lawsuit settlement loans, but technically unlike a “loan”, if the lawsuit goes to trial and the plaintiff loses, the third party settlement funding company receives nothing and loses the money they have invested in the case.  In a nutshell, if the plaintiff is not awarded a settlement, he does not owe any money to the lawsuit cash advance company. As a result, to qualify for a lawsuit cash advance, a case is first reviewed by an underwriter.

Lawsuit settlement loans are available in most states in the United States. The settlement funding mechanism is most commonly used in personal injury cases. However, a lawsuit cash advance may also be used to finance commercial disputes, civil rights cases, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, and sexual harassment lawsuits. The amount of cash that a plaintiff may receive on a lawsuit loan depends on various but specific underwriting criteria.  This amount ranges around 10 to 15 percent of the estimated settlement. Different lawsuit cash advance companies charge different interest rates, depending on the degree and the type of case under review.

What types of cases are eligible for a lawsuit cash advance?

Lawsuit loans companies provide plaintiffs with a financial mechanism for dealing with the time that it takes to settle their case.  Most often it is plaintiffs without strong financial resources seeking settlement loans. Lawsuit settlement loans companies also provide the cash advance in an upfront lump sum of money.  Money received from lawsuit settlement loans companies can generally be used for whatever purpose the plaintiff needs the cash for including living expenses.

What is the difference between a lawsuit cash advance and a loan?

People often confuse a lawsuit cash advance with what most layperson thinks of as a loan. The main difference between lawsuit loans and a personal loan is that the money does not have to be paid back if the lawsuit goes to trial and the plaintiff loses his case.   No payments have to be made unless the case settles with a cash dispersed from the defendant’s insurance company.  Settlement loans are not reported to any credit company since it is not a real “loan”.  Therefore, your credit will not be affected.

Why Do Plaintiffs Look for Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuits are time-consuming, pricey, and can be a huge financial burden. Lawsuit settlement loans can help fill in the financial gaps during the process of a lawsuit, which never has a set time frame. Settlement funding can be used for personal expenses such as to pay for rent, unpaid bills, medical bills and credit debt. A lawsuit cash advance can also be used to benefit the family members; such has to keep a child in college or to pay child support. The funds can be used for medical expenses like expensive surgical procedures and other required medical treatments that otherwise would not have been completed without the help of a settlement loan. It is estimated that 62% of settlement funding is used by plaintiffs to pay for non-legal expenses.

Why Is It Necessary to Get a Settlement Loan

A Lawsuit cash advance provides plaintiffs with access to the proceeds of their lawsuit before the case settles. Lawsuit loans are a huge benefit for those who have bad credit and cannot obtain financial assistance through other funding mechanisms. Settlement loans are evaluated based on underwriting policies and the amount of any lawsuit settlement loan is dependent on the value of the lawsuit.  Before lawsuit loans were made available to the public, most plaintiffs were forced to settle their lawsuits early or for an amount that is less than its true value.  With the advent of settlement loans, plaintiffs have a greater opportunity to fight insurance companies for longer.  In the process, plaintiffs may win a larger settlement.

How long is the payback terms of a lawsuit settlement loan

You do not pay anything until your case is settled. If you are not successful in receiving a settlement, you do not owe us anything.  There are no monthly payments.

Type of cases we fund

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Personal Injury Accidents
  • Slip and Fall/Premise liability
  • Workers’ Compensation Loans-(available only in following states at this time) Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming.
  • Medical Mal Practice
  • Wrongful Death
  • Wrongful Termination/Discrimination

Why Choose Smart Lawsuit Funding

Our services are different than other lawsuit loans or settlement loans funding companies because we are better, faster and more efficient.  This makes our services are much more affordable!  Smart Lawsuit Funding prevents financial ruin, giving plaintiffs the peace of mind needed to continue litigating their lawsuits.  Smart provides you with the money you need until your case settles.  Properly used, a lawsuit loan provides great advantages when facing large and wealthy defendants or corporations.