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Roundup is the brand name for an herbicide also commonly referred to as a weed killer. 

Produced by Monsanto,  a company later acquired by Bayer,  Roundup has been cited as a cause for cancer by many users of this product.

Roundup Lawsuit Loans California

Many Roundup cases have been settled for substantial payouts.  Consequently many Plaintiffs have been reaching out for Roundup Lawsuit Settlement Loans in Florida and around the nation.

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In the first month of 2019, Roundup 360 was outlawed in France.  A court ruled that a regulating body did not sufficiently consider safety concerns when they approved the product in March 2017. The ban became effective immediately

In the later part of 2019, it was reported that over 40,000 plaintiffs said that glyphosate herbicides caused their cancer. Some of these claims were consolidated into a multi district litigation known as  In re: RoundUp Products Liability

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Roundup Lawsuit Loan California

It is well known that chemicals can often  pose serious health risks. Often chemical producing companies like Monsato and Bayer will argue that there is no scientific connection between glyphosate and cancer.  However many Roundup cases are in the settlement phase and plaintiffs are seeking Roundup Lawsuit Advances in the State of Florida.

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